Luxury Mens Leather Logo Chain Tote

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Luxury Mens Leather Logo Chain Tote

Size:41.0 x 34.0 x 15.0 cm

Our masculine Louis Vuitton bags are top of the list, equipped with straps, top-handles, premium hardware, and emblazoned with artistic logos. Strapped designer bags provide comfortable carriage without relegating style to the background. The tough and polished exterior of our briefcases keeps your documents and laptop secure from 9-5 and beyond. Spacious enough to fit all your belongings, comfortable to carry and stylish to the hilt, our travel bags deserve a space in your closet.
And oh, there’s more! We have some top-tier messenger bags, backpacks, cardholders, duffel bags, camera bags and… You name it! Skilled artisans expertly craft our mens Louis Vuitton bags. Every inch luxurious and stylish, they bring out the best in your outfit and mood. Our mens Louis Vuitton bags won’t give way after a few uses — yes, they are resistant to the effects of wear and tear.
Choose bags in leather, nylon, canvas, and… in any fabric of choice to transmit your manly elegance, charm and charisma. Walk with self-assured confidence, travel in swagger and tour destination streets with class. Embossed with logos from notable fashion labels across the globe, your taste in style will herald your presence before anything else. Browse our rich catalogue of mens Louis Vuitton bags for luxurious functionality and style.

16 reviews for Luxury Mens Leather Logo Chain Tote

  1. Denise C. Steinmetz

    Luxury Mens Leather Logo Chain Tote is a perfect gift.

  2. Julio B. Serrato

    I ordered this chain bag for my husband to use as his carry on bag during a flight. The quality of the leather is nice and he really loves this bag. I have had no issues with the chain link not bending or breaking. I would say it’s the best leather I’ve seen but only because the reviews didn’t seem the same as mine. Only other complaint we had was that one of the metal rings sitting next to one of

  3. Peggie C. Spires

    I have been using the Luxury Mens Leather Logo Chain Tote for over a year now and I love it. It is always clean, wearable, and comfortable. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a nice bag at a fair price.

  4. Jeanette V. Shepherd

    I have been using the Luxury Mens Leather Logo Chain Tote for over a year now. I ordered it as a gift for my husband because he loves his luxury leather chain bag. I was planning on buying him one but it wasn’t able to be delivered in time, so I gave him this instead. He absolutely loved it! He wears it every day and is very proud of his purchase.

  5. Sonya J. Johnson

    I been using this for the past few months. I am a fan of the design, colors and quality of material. I love everything about it! Well worth every penny for such a great product!

  6. Joline D. Fisher

    I’m not a fan of chains by themselves, but these so-called “chained” chains look sharp with the right clothing.

  7. Florence J. Davis

    I love this bag. It’s beautiful and very nice quality

  8. Tommy J. Ruiz

    I love my company brand The Fine Men. We are guys who make our own clothes and shirts. We wanted to be able to show our pride for the brand we cosider as one of the finest in their field. It is a brand that stands out and is not like others in their industry

  9. Nadia T. Phillips

    The quality of work is excellent, the service is great and the support is fast. Keep up the good work!

  10. Donna D. Maher

    I bought this tote bag in March of 2013. I wasn’t planning on doing any heavy lifting and carrying lots of stuff, but as you can see from the picture, it still holds up pretty well. I’ve used it for everything from shopping to biking to carpooling…it’s one of my favorite bags, not just for its quality leather and suede finish, but also because it’s a beautiful piece that I don’t

  11. Carrie K. Pellegrino

    I use this logo chain a lot and it is quite durable. The chain is easy to put on and easy to take off. I would recommend it for any one looking for an affordable logo chain to add an accent piece to their wardrobe.

  12. Antoinette D. Newman

    I am the guy who is usually the first one to say “go” and I am picky about my items. This chain bag is just too beautiful not to share with someone. The quality of this chain belt is nice, it feels soft and durable. I was surprised that I received my order very fast!

  13. Shirley J. Turner

    This is my second LOGO Tote, and I love it. I think the leather inside and out make it a very durable bag. The leather shows no wear after 3 months of heavy use. The chain on the handle makes this bag great for all types of activities, from work, to traveling to festivals, to just hanging out in your neighborhood! Getting compliments on this bag even before I received it was wonderful! Thank you for making

  14. Jeanne R. Olivarez

    Product is great. It fits nicely, looks exactly like it does in the pictures, and is a great product for the price.

  15. Mary D. Baker

    A really nice mens chain t-shirt. The quality is very good and I am totally satisfied with the purchase. I would recommend this t-shirt to anyone who wants to dress up like a man but at the same time feel comfortable while doing so.

  16. Angela M. Thompson

    With this product I can show the support to my country and my team mates, who are living in the UAE and Bahrain.

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