Louis Vuitton Rubber Monogram Keepall XS 2Way Bag Replica M45788

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Louis Vuitton Rubber Monogram Keepall XS 2Way Bag Replica M45788

Size:21.0 x 12.0 x 9.0 cm

When you hear of a duffle bag, you typically think of a simple gym bag where you store your extra clothes and belongings. However, duffle bags have been trending in the fashion world, and now, we’ve brought you an assortment of Louis Vuitton duffle bags that not only work great for travel and traditional applications but exude a luxurious vibe and instill confidence in you.
Our Louis Vuitton duffle bags maintain much of the same traditional shapes, seams, and features as typical duffle bags, but they’re elevated into a modern fashion statement through the intentional craftsmanship of our trusted designers. They look, feel, and function as a fashion accessory just as much as they do a large-capacity bag, and you can clearly tell the difference when you get your hands on one.
Our Louis Vuitton duffle bags are built with ruggedness and elegance in mind. This means that they have the capacity and strength to carry large loads every single day, but they also allow you to do so gracefully while looking absolutely stunning. You can take them to the gym, on a business trip, or on your next international adventure with ease.
These Louis Vuitton duffle bags are must-have items for anyone who travels. Browse our designer duffle bags, today.

9 reviews for Louis Vuitton Rubber Monogram Keepall XS 2Way Bag Replica M45788

  1. Betsy R. Penn

    I am very proud to wear Louis Vuitton products. I even work for a company that produces their clothes, and I proudly use the product. The bag is well-made and durable, and easy to take anywhere… it’s perfect for a business trip or going out.

  2. Jeanette C. Alfonso

    I absolutely love my new bag. It is simple, elegant and extremely functional. The quality of the leather is excellently done and the zipper mechanism is very high-tech. I recommend it especially for people who want to upgrade from their normal old bag but are not willing to spend a half million dollars on a luxury luggage retails.

  3. Jennifer J. Davis

    The Monogram Keepall XS is a perfect bag for me and now I feel like I’m on top of the whole world with my Louis Vuitton Rubber Monogram Keepall XS 2Way Bag.

  4. Paula J. Grant

    I highly recommend Louis Vuitton Rubber Monogram Keepall XS 2Way Bag is Louis Vuitton Rubber Monogram Keepall XS 2Way Bag Replica M45788. It works really well as a carry-on bag for international travel. I’m a broke college student, so most of my traveling is done on the road. This is perfect for me because it’s lightweight, can fit in all my bags, and holds everything

  5. Debra P. Bundy

    I bought this purse for my daughter. She loves it and has been very happy with it. The only problem is, she forgot her wallet in it and I have to get a new one every time she uses it. I am sure that Louis Vuitton will make a replacement wallet soon.

  6. Ada H. Thompson

    Louis Vuitton is a brand that I’ve been loving for decades, and I’m always surprised how quickly you can love a product. One of the things I love about this bag is the design

  7. Ada H. Thompson

    I am a big Louis Vuitton fan and I love the black color of this bag.

  8. Sandra J. Sasso

    I had the pleasure of buying a genuine Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall XS 2Way Bags for myself. I was very impressed with this bag in many ways. First, it is made from 100% leather and its outer shell is sturdy enough to protect your money from dirt and sand etc. This can be said about all leather or suede bags, but no other brand of bag can match the quality of Louis Vuitton leather

  9. Etta K. Smith

    The wallet is still beautiful in its original color and quality.

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