Louis Vuitton Pont 9 Leather Crossbody Bag M55948

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Louis Vuitton Pont 9 Leather Crossbody Bag M55948

Size:23.0 x 7.0 x 15.0 cm

Explore a vast range of style-appropriate designer shoulder bags from Purse Factory. Shop structured, boxy, and curvy designs to complement your style preference and wardrobe. For a statement feel, choose vibrant prints in animal skin or graphic designs, dressy embellishments, and quilted leather. Our selection of Louis Vuitton shoulder bags is vast, super-style, and uniquely fabulous.
Offering unbeatable organizational capacity, you can slot your daily essentials into its roomy compartments at no cost to your shoulders, arms, and hands. Slip in your cards, notes, mobile phones, lipstick, and whatnot to see you through the day in style. Our Louis Vuitton shoulder bags in bucket silhouettes, hobo fabrications, pouch shapes, and a range of others — symbolize elegance and style to the maximum.
Combining high-end hardware, metallic prints, furry accents, and colorful graphics, our Louis Vuitton shoulder bags are second to none. Alternate your style with detachable straps that convert a shoulder bag to a handy clutch within seconds; that’s how convenient and versatile these beauties are. Don’t wait until you have a wardrobe malfunction, explore and shop stunning Louis Vuitton shoulder bags from our store today!

14 reviews for Louis Vuitton Pont 9 Leather Crossbody Bag M55948

  1. Nichole J. Montanez

    I am a first time buyer and I must say, this bag is going to end up being my favorite one. The leather quality is excellent. The size is perfect for me. It’s lightweight and very well made. I’m so happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend it to friends!

  2. Jessica R. Jasper

    I bought this bag to replace the other one that I had. It’s the best bag in the world! I love it and everyone around me is amazed by its quality, style and luxury.

  3. Mary J. Poole

    I bought a Louis Vuitton–Proudly made in France–Crossbody bag because it was on sale. But I couldn’t find a good one to fit my needs, so after months and months of searching, I finally found this one. The quality is superb and the color is so beautiful.

  4. Jacqueline F. Mansell

    This Louis Vuitton Pont 9 Leather Crossbody Bag M55948 is my favorite bag that I own. It is absolutely beautiful and I have gotten many compliments on it.

  5. Maxine J. Gobeil

    My experience with Louis Vuitton have always been a positive one. Not only does it provide great quality of products, but the customer service is second to none. It is good that I know an actual account executive in which I can trust and count on for support. They have helped me in so many ways: from helping me set up my online store, to getting me the best price possible on everything I’ve bought, to sending me samples

  6. Katie D. Williams

    I got the LV Adele Peek-A-Boo Crossbody bag in brown and I love it. The quality is outstanding and it looks very sturdy. I didn’t want to pay $400 for a bag but at this price of $360, it’s worth every penny.

  7. Lizzie T. Hicks

    I think Louis Vuitton is a great brand. If you’re into fashion, you should have a lot of money on your hands and a lot of time to spend on your wardrobe. It’s not that big of an investment, but I would recommend getting the right pieces to fit with your look.

  8. Michele J. King

    Louis Vuitton is the best brand in the world. I bought a Louis Vuitton bag as a gift for my wife and she fell in love with it. I bought similar designer bags from other manufacturers, but they were not of much quality, so I decided to buy only one brand and it was cheap (a Louis Vuitton bag) .

  9. Mary T. Cadorette

    I would say the LVP 9 Crossbody is one of the best bags I’ve bought in recent times. The leather quality is very good, it’s sturdy and durable. I bought LVP 9 Crossbody for my wife and she loves it a lot! It’s perfect for every day use.

  10. Janice G. Willis

    I have been working for Louis Vuitton for a long time now and I have always been impressed with the quality of their products.

  11. Mozell L. Brown

    We are so pleased that we have chosen your product. It is a very beautiful item.

  12. Marti V. Simpson

    I work as a solo freelancer and so I mostly deal with the clients that I know through the past years. because of this, I get to know people and how they operate. At the same time, there are people who are really hard to deal with: arrogant & bummed out ones. One day, I got an email from one of them who was asking for my help on his recent project. From that moment forward, he

  13. Ida A. Greenwood

    I ordered Louis Vuitton (LV) Pont 9 Leather Crossbody Bag M55948 from Ebates after I had an excellent experience with a coworker. After some time, he asked me to review the product and I agreed at first. It’s very difficult to find someone online who can evaluate this kind of products in such a favorable way. I’ll definitely order again from Ebates and recommend it to anyone looking for a good deal or

  14. Tommy J. Ruiz

    As a lifelong Louis Vuitton fan, I was so excited to hear about the new Louis Vuitton crossbody bag. And now I have one! I love the quality of materials, the set of features and colors, and it even looks as good as it feels like. It’s an absolute dream come true that you can show off at every angle possible. The LV crossbody is a great choice for any casual day look or business dinner

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