Louis Vuitton Oliver Briefcase Epi Leather Replica Shoulder Bag M51689

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Louis Vuitton Oliver Briefcase Epi Leather Replica Shoulder Bag M51689

Size:37.0 x 30.0 x 6.0 cm

Whether you’re a traveling businessman, or in a high-level position at a Fortune 500 company, your briefcase is a key part of your appearance. Not only does it carry your most important paperwork and work essentials, but it also endows you with an aura of confidence and class while demanding respect from your peers. Our mens Louis Vuitton briefcases exemplify these traits, and they’re the perfect solution to your briefcase needs.
Our suitcases come in a variety of classic styles, but they’re imbued with modern design elements that show you’re up-to-date with modern business fashion standards. This allows you to stand out in the office, your next big board meeting, or any other sophisticated occasion.
Each of our mens Louis Vuitton briefcases provides ample storage room and organization options for your most necessary paperwork and business materials. This allows you quick access to the materials you rely on at a moment’s notice, and it allows you to efficiently navigate high-pressure business situations ease.
If you’re a sophisticated modern man who needs the finest briefcase to navigate the high-pressure business world with class and grace, one of our mens Louis Vuitton briefcases will be the perfect companion throughout your career. Browse our selection today for an option that suits your needs.

6 reviews for Louis Vuitton Oliver Briefcase Epi Leather Replica Shoulder Bag M51689

  1. Brenda R. Ashley

    I like the briefcase. It is light and comfortable to carry in my luggage. It is beautiful, too, with the golden color of the leather and a quality look that instantly adds to its value.

  2. Dorothy P. Johnson

    This bag is very beautiful, elegant, and classy. It gets to you fast, has a quality and craftsmanship that reflects Louis’s past efforts. The deep brown color of the leather is very rich and it really feels like the real thing. There are no bumps or creases where I am wearing it, so I can walk in it for hours without worrying about the break-in process.

  3. Aimee R. Swift

    The best way to enjoy a briefcase. Never been disappointed with any bag that I ever have bought off the Louis Vuitton PHARMA line or the Louis Vuitton MELODY line. This one is no different…

  4. Carmen H. Hill

    This is by far one of the best wallets I’ve ever had. The quality is top notch. I’ve had it for about five years now and people ask me all the time what it’s made from and I always say Louis Vuitton and that’s how it came to be. It’s a great wallet and also looks good with casual clothes as well as business casual ones.

  5. Deborah R. Kilpatrick

    I love Louis Vuitton so much I even purchased a Louis Vuitton clock. This is one of the best watches for women on the planet. The only problem is it’s too expensive and I don’t have money to buy it. This guy here deserves to be rich because he has this watch and has friends that have probably bought them all.

  6. Manuela G. Roth

    I purchased this Louis Vuitton Oliver Briefcase Epi Leather Replica because I wanted a bag that summarized my personality, and it has definitely done so. It is truly a beautiful briefcase. The leather is soft and supple, the interior color is beautiful and vibrant, the strap is strong feeling. Although I am not a fan of Louis Vuitton prints (I prefer more subtle colors), this bag has made me want to learn more

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