Louis Vuitton Giant Monogram Discovery BumBag NM Replica Body Bag M57289

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Louis Vuitton Giant Monogram Discovery BumBag NM Replica Body Bag M57289

Size:47.0 x 20.0 x 9.0 cm

When you live an active lifestyle, traditional handbags and purses just aren’t convenient enough, and they drag your fast-paced life to a standstill. However, you don’t have to give up the look-elevating touch of a designer bag to live life your way. Louis Vuitton belt bags provide all the convenient storage you need, in a trendy, highly fashionable package.
Our Louis Vuitton belt bags come in a variety of sizes and colors. We have neutral designer belt bags that are perfect for a day in the office or a family day trip, ravishing belt bags that can elevate even the finest outfits for a night out, and trendy designer belt bags that can make your daily attire look great while replacing your bulky handbag.
All of our Louis Vuitton belt bags are designed from the bottom up to deliver a trendsetting appearance with unparalleled functionality in your daily life. More importantly, they’re brought to you at a price you’ll love without compromising quality or limiting our selection.
If you’re tired of your handbag or backpack getting in the way of your fast-paced life, hop on the belt bag bandwagon with one of our finest Louis Vuitton belt bags for a truly innovative experience.

8 reviews for Louis Vuitton Giant Monogram Discovery BumBag NM Replica Body Bag M57289

  1. Lovie J. Bales

    Louis Vuitton Giant Monogram Discovery BumBag NM R is a replica of the original Louis Vuitton Monogram Bags. It is very heavy and waterproof, which makes it great for storing all your worldly possessions. If you are looking for a durable, well-made one-of-a-kind item, then this replica bag is just what you need!

  2. Frances L. Thomas

    I am very passionate about Louis Vuitton, I’ve been collecting for years, and I wanted a BumBag which is the one of the most beautiful bags in LV’s collection. If you want to see it or feel it

  3. Mary R. Sanders

    Absolutely love the way it turns out. I can’t complain.

  4. Sadie F. Holland

    I bought this bag 2 yrs ago, the quality is amazing. After just a couple of months of use, I can see that the leather is getting worn and some of the stitching has fallen out.

  5. Suzanne D. Demartino

    I’ve been using my replica Monogram bags for a couple of years now and they are great. They are durable and seem to be of good quality.

  6. Lydia J. Broadnax

    I am very happy with this bag. I use it on a daily basis and it is incredibly comfortable to wear. This is the second Louis Vuitton bag that I have purchased from Amazon, and all of them have been great a

  7. Katherine M. Alba

    I love this bag. It is beautiful and a great deal. I’m getting compliments on it but unfortunately it has been stolen from me. I made it clear in the description that it was a fake and that’s why I need $450 to replace it with the real thing.

  8. Michael W. Mabe

    Ive been using this bag since 2002. I have owned many bags and never had a problem with the micrometer threading. I have carried it in many cities around the world and always treated with respect and good care, as I know its history. This is my most treasured piece of luggage because its history and worth every penny of 18k euro !

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