Louis Vuitton Crafty Trio Pouch Monogram Empreinte Replica M69516




Louis Vuitton Crafty Trio Pouch Monogram Empreinte Replica M69516

Size:19.5 x 11.5 x 3.0 cm

Style and on-hand functionality don’t get any better than a designer wallet. Need some more convincing? Check out Purse Factory’s elegant yet practical collection of luxury wallets. Our Louis Vuitton wallets are a testament to the functional and stylish power of a mini-accessory.
There is something rewarding and delightful about pulling out a sleek wallet from your bag or pocket to pay your bills or present your ID. You may not know this, but your wallet is the be-all and end-all of your “carrier” fashion. Imagine pulling out a tattered wallet from a gorgeous bag or carrier; your style game will drop from 100 to 50! See why these mini accessories are often inconspicuous but powerful when they show up?
Itching to update your wallet game? Purse Factory is your wallet expert. Straight from the manufacturers to our store, our Louis Vuitton wallets are authentic and exquisitely detailed. Choose updated traditional designs for a simple yet elegant appeal. Choose tones in rich brown and black for boss vibes. If edgy fashion is more your thing, our studded and embellished wallets are love at first sight. With Purse Factory, the possibilities are unlimited, so browse and shop until you find the one that does justice to your sense of style.


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