Louis Vuitton Christmas Damier Ebene Canvas Zippy Wallet Replica N60403




Louis Vuitton Christmas Damier Ebene Canvas Zippy Wallet Replica N60403

Size:19.5 x 10.5 x 2.5 cm

Though sometimes underrated, wallets are the yin to the yang of every bag.Louis Vuitton wallets, in particular, are the real deal. At Purse Factory, we are in tune with the all-around functionality and wow factor of Louis Vuitton wallets. As such, we have curated a collection befitting modern-day fashion devotees. Our designer wallet cards are the perfect match for your designer bags and purses!
These mini beauties keep all your essentials secured while lending aesthetic appeal to your overall style. It never fails to stimulate interest and attraction when you whip it out of your bag to pay for your lunch, a new pair of shoes, or even your regular Starbucks coffee. Our Louis Vuitton wallets are the type that compels the question, ” it’s so classy, where did you get it from?”. Given their combined practicality and finesse, you will agree that they are worth every penny of your hard-earned money!
Our nylon-made wallets are synonymous with understated luxury. Our quilted leather wallets are unusually elegant. Our croc-effect leather wallets ooze fashion-conscious vibes; they are the definition of luxury at their peak. Choose Louis Vuitton wallets in vibrant, neutral, and muted tones to accentuate your classy designer bags and even your ensemble. With Purse Factory, you’d never be caught dead without a kickass luxury wallet!


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