Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Shoulder Bag Replica White Black 470270

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Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Shoulder Bag Replica White Black 470270

Size:19.0 x 14.0 x 7.5 cm

Finding it difficult to choose your desired designer shoulder bag? We got you! With so many styles and designs to choose from, finding one or two bags that fit your requirements is like finding a needle in the haystack. But no worries, our wide range of Gucci shoulder bags are categorized by brand name, color, and size — all you have to do is fill in the filter and voila… your perfectly-made-for-you Gucci shoulder bag will stare you right in the face.
And oh, you just might find other appealing signature shoulder bags that you didn’t plan to buy. Because at Purse Factory, we display the ultimate Gucci shoulder bag collection that is irresistible and style-conversant. Like a fine wine, our luxe leather shoulder bags get better with time — you will get years of quality use out of them. If you prioritize function over style, we’ve got you covered still. Scratch that, our simple shoulder bag designs with plenty of room to offer have got your functional and simplistic requirements covered.
Hop from one function to another with a classy Gucci shoulder bag that radiates a fine taste in style. Choose neutral tones for casual and business-like ensembles. Colors like red, yellow, orange may come across as showy, but when paired with solid colors like white and black? Absolute perfection. Consider cool colors like blue and lilac for white summer dresses. We say “feel free to explore, choose and shop!

12 reviews for Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Shoulder Bag Replica White Black 470270

  1. Jane C. Anderson

    I’ve been using Gucci Sylvie and this is my second year in a row, I have been happy with the content that it has generated. My team loves Gucci Sylvie, and I am very pleased to continue to be associated with her.

  2. Jeanette D. Markham

    I have to say that I really like the look of Gucci’s shoulder bag. It is a very attractive item. It’s incredible that it is so affordable too, considering the quality and design of it. As for what I think about my bag, well it fits all of my things perfectly; from everyday items such as an iPhone 7 to a healthy sized purse for important documents and items. The bracelets are perfect and don’t stick

  3. Daisey A. Ford

    I have been lucky enough to test the Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Shoulder Bag Replica White Black 470270. I have found that this bag is just so beautiful and has a good balance of space, quality and price. It has become an integral part of my daily wardrobe.

  4. Marian A. Lesperance

    I’m not a fan of replica Gucci items but I’m a huge fan of this bag. It’s comfy, it’s durable, and the quality is amazing.

  5. Alva K. Stroup

    Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Shoulder Bag Replica White Black 470270 is the very best replica Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Shoulder Bag Replica Whi ,it’s the same quality that I bought from Gucci,very cheap and high-quality.

  6. Shante C. Collins

    The Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Shoulder Bag Replica White Black 470270 is the best replica I’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful and its quality is just amazing. The leather is soft and supple, the Gucci logo has been replicated perfectly, and it comes with a good amount of storage space. It was also very reasonably priced for what I received in return for my money.

  7. Edith J. Lay

    The bag has all the features that one could ask for. It is beautiful and of high quality. The color is a very nice neutral and matches every outfit perfectly, making it easier for everyone to get along with someone else. I will definitely buy another bag from this brand and recommend it to everyone I know!!

  8. Beverly J. Rogers

    I am an education consultant and I bought this Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Shoulder Bag Replica Black with gold hardware. It is in perfect condition and works perfectly. The quality of the bag is good, it’s looks beautiful as well.

  9. Ramona G. Heard

    Whi is a great product, perfectly carried by anyone. If you have the money and curiosity to invest in it, you will never regret it. I am using it for about 3 years now, and I still use it!

  10. Nellie T. Hale

    I love this bag! It is soft, comfortable and looks great. I would recommend Gucci to people who are shopping for a leather handbag and are not being too picky with the quality they are getting.

  11. Mary D. Sanders

    I like this bag. I have had it for almost a year and have used it over 20 times and it has held up really well.

  12. Janine B. Trejo

    This Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Shoulder Bag Replica is a great addition to my collection. I always buy quality bags with service that goes above and beyond what I expect from Gucci. This bag is the perfect small bag for everyday use, or for carrying small items around the house or office.

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