Gucci GG Supreme Belt Bag Replica 493930

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This replica is of the vintage Gucci GG Supreme Belt Bag that was made in the 60s. It comes in the original brown leather and has its RFID-scrambling stripes. This bag is also a perfect size for carrying around your camera, purse, or laptop.


Gucci GG Supreme Belt Bag Replica 493930

Size:24.0 x 17.0 x 3.5 cm

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9 reviews for Gucci GG Supreme Belt Bag Replica 493930

  1. Melissa T. Howell

    I was looking for a new bag to replace the one I had purchased when I bought it. I found a price cheaper than the last bag, but the color wasnt as nice as my first one that I bought from Gucci. After receiving it, the color of it isnt what i thought it would be. Oh well its me and my opinion.

  2. Katherine R. Jimenez

    GG is the best belt bag.

  3. Shirley J. Turner

    This is my second time ordering from G-Shock Store. I’m yet to be disappointed by their products and this one is no different. This bag sounds like a great value compared to the other cheaper bags out there. You can go with a simple black or brown design but this one comes in the color of Gucci’s infamous GG collection and that makes it look very interesting, especially if you’re a fan of Gucci’s GG collection

  4. Dorothy P. Kaya

    I’ve been shopping for an affordable bag for a long time now, but this was the first one I came across that actually seemed like it would hold up and last. All the reviews say that it’s the real thing and it looks just like the picture, so I decided to take a chance. I’m hardly ever disappointed with my purchases these days, but this bag did not disappoint at all.

  5. Frances E. Meekins

    This Gucci GG Supreme Belt Bag Replica 493930 is fantastic. It has everything I need to get me through the day and it’s gorgeous! I can’t say enough good things about this belt bag replica.

  6. Ada D. Race

    My favorite bag was the Gucci GG Supreme Belt Bag Replica 493930. It’s perfect! I can put my whole life into it. It’s a real work of art 🙂

  7. Linda H. Prude

    Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! What a perfect looking Gucci GG Supreme Belt Bag Replica 493930. I love it. It is so much better than the one I have, which is a massive Gucci GG Supreme Belt Bag Replica 493930. The size of this one seems smaller and more practical.

  8. Mary M. Brown

    I was in a momentary slump after the loss of my last job and Gucci GG Supreme Belt Bag Replica 493930 helped me get back into a great mindset. The layout of the bag is amazing, it’s not just a plain black leather belt bag and it really looks like something that I would wear to work everyday. It’s very easy to carry which was important for me since I have small hands and don’t have many

  9. Joan E. Sandell

    I own the Gucci GG Supreme belt bag. I’m a professional makeup artist, and it is a very high quality item. It is also great as an everyday bag.

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