Gucci GG Medium Ophidia Tote Replica 612992

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This beautiful tote is perfect for any occasion and is crafted in Italy. It features a large main compartment with a removable shoulder strap for easy carrying.


Gucci GG Medium Ophidia Tote Replica 612992

Size:28.0 x 25.0 x 11.0 cm

Totes are large, elegant-looking, bags with the same general appearance as a handbag, but they have two carry handles, and they typically have a long, comfortably padded, shoulder strap for long periods of use. These traits make them ideal for long day trips, shopping sprees, or just making sure you have everything you can possibly need while putting in your best work at the office.
We’ve created our assortment of luxurious designer tote bags by focusing on fashionably trendy designs and styles, material quality, and expert-level craftsmanship. In turn, our Gucci tote assortment comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes, and each tote is of the highest quality to ensure your satisfaction.
You can use our Gucci totes to carry your purchases and essentials during a lengthy shopping spree, store all of your necessities along with your favorite cosmetics, or easily transport all of the materials you need throughout your workday. This high level of flexibility makes our Gucci totes a worthwhile option for customers of all kinds, and our focus on luxury ensures that our totes will not only work great but look exceptional with an elegant flare.Try one of our Gucci tote bags, today.

8 reviews for Gucci GG Medium Ophidia Tote Replica 612992

  1. Debbie F. Dominguez

    The Gucci GG Medium Ophidia Tote Replica 612992 is a good looking bag but the pockets are way to small.

  2. Viola R. Brubaker

    I was looking for a black tote that I can take with me on business trips and for meetings. The Gucci GG Medium Ophidia Tote Replica 612992 from Gucci is the perfect tote for me. It’s not too heavy, ideal if you are going somewhere, but can comfortably hold a laptop or mobile phone in your hands while walking around the city. It has got a luxe look, with the

  3. Debbie A. Watts

    I LOVE this bag! I have been using it for the past 6 months and everything I think is great, it’s like they said they’ll do…I’m so impressed with their product, but more than that, I love the quality and how well made it is. So if you’re on a budget or need something that you can take to any event, but still want quality at a decent price this is a great option.

  4. Sandra W. Scott

    I have been using Gucci GG Medium Ophidia Tote Replica 612992 for a month and I am very satisfied with its performance.

  5. Anna A. Damon


  6. Christy A. Parrott

    I work in a retail store and I have found that Gucci GG Medium Ophidia Tote Replica 612992 is the perfect accessory for every day. The medium size makes it very easy to stash a lot of things inside without having to unpack the entire bag. It’s also incredibly durable and will protect your stuff from daily wear and tear.

  7. Gail K. Passarelli

    This is a great bag to carry. The leather and workmanship is impeccable. It almost looks like it came from the Gucci factory when it arrived in the mail. It’s a little heavier than I anticipated, but I think having this as my daily bag will help take some of the weight off my shoulders when traveling or going out for smaller outings with friends.

  8. Marilyn L. Holloway

    I’ve been using this bag for over a week now. It is really comfortable to wear and has a great look to it. Although the price is a bit high, especially in the market, Gucci GG Medium Ophidia Tote Replica 612992 is definitely worth it!

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