Gucci GG Leather Card Case Wallet ‎Black Replica 456126

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This amazing new black card case wallet is a replica of the Gucci GG Leather Card Case Wallet and features a crocodile embossing on the back, a Gucci logo on the front and various authenticating ID tags.


Gucci GG Leather Card Case Wallet ‎Black Replica 456126

Size:11.0 x 9.0 x 3.0 cm

No designer bag is complete without a designer wallet to help organize all of your most necessary cards and essentials. A designer wallet is the perfect companion accessory to help you streamline the organization of your smallest and most necessary items, while also maintaining your impeccable sense of style and class. When you need a designer wallet, look no further. We have a wide variety of Gucci wallets that come in all styles, colors, fabric choices, and more. When you shop with us, you’re guaranteed to find a designer accessory you’ll absolutely love.
You can use our Gucci wallets to neatly organize your cards, ID and licenses, cash, and more without having to worry about them becoming jumbled or lost. More importantly, our designer wallets were crafted with your luxurious sense of style in mind. Each one is impeccably crafted by the industry’s finest craftsmen to ensure you receive a reliable and trendy product that you’ll enjoy carrying every single day.
When you pull one of our Gucci wallets from your bag, you’ll catch the eye of anyone nearby with the lavish details and bold, vibrant designs on each of our wallets. They’re designed to look great and add a level of sophistication and elegance to your overall appearance, and they’re the perfect accessories for discerning customers.If you’re looking for a designer accessory you’ll truly love carrying, browse our Gucci wallets today.

10 reviews for Gucci GG Leather Card Case Wallet ‎Black Replica 456126

  1. Kimberly R. Vogt

    I have never been so satisfied with an app in my life. I am a teacher back at school and this is the only way to pass time while I’m working.

  2. Shannon R. McLaughlin

    The Gucci GG Leather Card Case Wallet ‎Black Replica 4 is made from real leather and comes with an additional cloth pouch. The Gucci GG Leather Card Case Wallet ‎Black Replica 456126 can be folded back to protect the cards inside. It has a simple, clean design and a touch of style to make it perfect for anyone who loves to carry around their most important belongings in their pocket.

  3. Annabelle A. Pickering

    This product is amazing! Best wallet I ever bought, love it!

  4. Denise R. Buchholtz

    This wallet is cute and it looks great on any man. The only con I have is that the material used is a little too thin and some of the pockets could be bigger.

  5. Robbie M. Crawford

    This is the best wallet I’ve ever used. It’s durable, stylish & it’s got a lot of space to store everything you need.

  6. Dorothy R. Harbour

    This is my first time trying an authentic Gucci GG leather wallet. I was very worried when I bought it at the store because the leather quality isn’t that great, but no worries. It’s very durable and feels almost like real leather. I also like how it’s small enough that it can fit in a pocket without taking up too much room. Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase!

  7. Robbie M. Crawford

    I love this wallet! It is absolutely fabulous. It is very well constructed, the leather is fantastic and just overall it’s a great product at a great price. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a quality wallet to buy one!

  8. Cynthia C. Aziz

    Great quality, good style, beautiful design

  9. Bertha J. Burrell

    A wonderful product that is a pleasure to use. The card case is designed with a plastic front cover that holds cards securely, and the entire case has a hard shell totally protecting it from water and other elements. The top of the card case can be unscrewed to attach the cash clip for convenient cash management. Cards can be changed with one pull of a single tab, without taking out any permanent or removable parts of the case!

  10. Marilyn A. Paine

    “If you are into Gucci, then this item is definitely for you. It is nice looking and made of good quality leather. I have it for a week and I’m happy by the way it looks. The material used in making the case is perfect, so no problem if the case gets damaged once in a while.”

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