Gucci GG Canvas Messenger Bag Replica Black 146236

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You’ve seen these bags in the fashion magazines, and now you can have one for yourself! The Gucci GG Messenger Bag is an iconic design by the world-renowned luxury brand, Gucci. This bag is made from a durable textured canvas that has a subtle crosshatch pattern. Its dimensions are 11″ x 15″. The flap has two zipper pockets on either side and a single clasp closure with zipper-puller.


Gucci GG Canvas Messenger Bag Replica Black 146236

Size:31.0 x 25.0 x 8.0 cm

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8 reviews for Gucci GG Canvas Messenger Bag Replica Black 146236

  1. Marianne J. Jackson

    The bag is light, but very well made.

  2. Bertha G. Card

    I have just completed a 2.5 week tour through India and Nepal. I had the chance to venture in Africa, Southern India and Northern India while in this country. When I was walking around the city of Mumbai, I noticed a Gucci GG Canvas Messenger Bag Replica Black 146236 that was being worn as if it were made out of gold/silver. Needless to say my eye caught it immediately. The bag appears very elegant

  3. Barbara J. Zazueta

    I will admit, I’m not the best writer in the world. I find that reading about things on the Internet is often more helpful than actually speaking to someone about them. So when I heard about Rytr, first of all it was a good price point and second of all it sounds like something that you could easily practice on.

  4. Destiny S. Schulte

    Have it and love it! I love the comfort of the canvas material and I like that you don’t have to worry about wrinkles. The bag is durable, has plenty of room, and is comfortable to wear, but doesn’t fall apart as easily as some other bags.

  5. Miriam C. Ireland

    I am a seasoned traveler and frequent user of Gucci GG Canvas Messenger Bag Replica Black 146236. I’ve had the chance to see my Gucci GG Canvas Messenger Bag Replica Black 146236 in action at various events and conventions. The size is just right, I feel comfortable wearing it on days when I’m just not ready to put on my big suit.

  6. Sharon D. Anderson

    I saw the Gucci GG Canvas Messenger Bag Replica Black 146236 on ebay and was very interested in it. I ordered it, as I needed a messenger bag that is stylish and can also be used as a backpack (I am also looking for a stroller). When my package arrived, I opened it up to find the messenger bag with so much body. It had been received in such a condition that you would not expect

  7. Jennifer K. Fox

    Gucci GG Canvas Messenger Bag Replica Black 146236 is very good. I like the design of the Gucci GG Canvas Messenger Bag Replica Black 146236 which is very useful for daily use. I think that this is perfect for a leather bag and it has been my favorite Gucci bag ever since I bought it.

  8. Melissa F. Ladd

    This is a both practical and stylish messenger bag that is ideal for daily use. It can be used as an all in one bag, an overnight bag, a travel bag, or a weekend exercise tote. The Gucci GG Canvas Messenger Bag Replica Black 146236 is just perfect for my needs. The front zipper pocket is well placed enough to be easy to access but not easy to overload. I love the large compartment where you

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