Gucci Diana Mini Tote Replica 655661

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The Gucci Diana Mini Tote Replica 655661 is a detailed replica made with the same materials used in the original. It includes a mini tote with a zip-around closure, a front pocket, an adjustable shoulder strap, and an inside pocket. It also features a unique serial number on the bag.


Gucci Diana Mini Tote Replica 655661

Size:20.0 x 16.0 x 10.0 cm

Mini bags are great, and all, but no bag has a better carrying capacity than a tote bag! And a tote bag that bears a designer logo is even more gorgeous. Purse Factory’s collection of Gucci tote bags are the quintessential representation of “practicality meets fashion.” They are tailor-made for an effortless boss lady elegance. Their larger-than-life-size makes them the versatile and trusted everyday bag.
Need a stylish laptop bag that reflects your style? A Gucci tote bag fits the bill. Want to throw in your makeup bag as well? No worries, a tote bag gets the memo. It can even pass for a traveling or weekend bag without the hassle of traveling luggage.
Sincerely, designer tote bags are all shades of amazing!Choose tote bags in different colors, structures, and textures. Our Gucci tote bags with roomy interiors and wide handles add visual appeal to a tailored blazer and a pair of jeans. Are you an advocate of sustainable fashion? Our eco-friendly options support your ideal while keeping you fashionable. Make a statement with classy black pieces that are far from regular. Shop Purse Factory’s Gucci tote bags for the ultimate bag experience.

7 reviews for Gucci Diana Mini Tote Replica 655661

  1. Ruth D. McLemore

    I bought this Gucci Diana Mini Tote Replica 655661 as a birthday present for my niece as she loves everything about it. It has the perfect combination of practicality and style, which makes it ideal for everyday outings. I will definitely be buying more Gucci from here in the future!

  2. Shirley P. Fortin

    This is a very beautiful bag, which I will be using on all my travels. The color is perfect, the case that this bag comes in is amazing and I chose the crystal blue one. This is a super beautiful and very good looking bag.

  3. Amy D. Howard

    I love this bag. It goes everywhere with me and holds all my stuff. I would highly recommend this to others, especially for the price.

  4. Viola T. Robinson

    I’ve been using the Gucci Diana Mini Tote Replica 655661 for a year now and I do love it! I got my first chance to see the new generation of Gucci bags when it was launched for spring/summer 2017. The color (Second Skin Black) made me fall in love with this bag. It’s sturdy, has great texture and style, yet also has a touch of elegance. All in all,

  5. Frances R. Jones

    This Gucci 500ml spray bottle is a good, made in Italy product.

  6. Hattie G. Rockwell

    My first purchase was my Gucci Diana Mini Tote Replica 655661 and I have to say the quality is good, but their price is beyond too expensive.

  7. Marina E. Dowell

    I was looking at the Gucci Diana Mini Tote Replica 655661 ( and I was sold that I should buy it, so I did.

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