Gucci Animalier Leather Zip Around Wallet 523667 Replica

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Take on the day with this luxurious replica luxury Gucci 523667 zip around wallet. This wallet is crafted from the most premium supple leather. The interior has a clean white lining, and an ID window for quick access to your identification cards. It’s the perfect everyday accessory for city chicks in business meetings at work or lunchtime hustlers.


Gucci Animalier Leather Zip Around Wallet 523667 Replica

Size:19.0 x 10.0 x 2.5 cm

Designer Wallets are your trusted accessories. Often neglected but no less essential, designer wallets keep your day-to-day essentials organized in style. Honestly, your cards, coins, cash, receipts, commuter passes, and whatnot are practically “dead” without your wallet. So show these small yet indispensable accessories some love today by selecting a fine choice from Purse Factory’s gallery of Gucci wallets.
Featuring multiple slots and zippered cases for your valuables, our luxury Gucci wallets keep prying eyes and hands at bay. They are also very convenient and lightweight that your carrier won’t feel their weight! For the leather-obsessed, we have wallets in all types of leather; quilted, buttery soft, textured, pebbled, and so on.
Our Gucci wallets are showstoppers and eye-poppers! With gleaming hardware, polished surfaces, colorful backgrounds, and intricately lined interiors, even a fashion amateur will recognize the ultimate style they possess. For best results, pair with an equally matching bag, and all heads will turn. Rendered in an assortment of hues like brown, red, burgundy, nude, beige, teal, cognac, yellow, and purple — they are a dream come true for color enthusiasts. There is no end to the style and practicality of our Gucci wallets; you only need to shop to be wowed; because our collection gets better with the next wallet!

10 reviews for Gucci Animalier Leather Zip Around Wallet 523667 Replica

  1. Dorothy C. Miller

    This is a beautiful wallet that I love to use, and work with. I have been using the Gucci Animalier Leather Zip Around Wallet 523667 R for over a year, and it has held up well. Yes, sometimes it gets too heavy for my shoulder bag height, but I can still use it in regular pants or dresses. As long as you choose the right size (my recommendation is to choose M) then you will

  2. Irene J. Burress

    Ha, My first choice to review something in the world of writing is obviously Gucci. The brand is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. I decided to test out Gucci Animalier Leather Zip Around Wallet 523667 R as a part of my review and let me tell you all that it was a great experience, largely due to Gucci Animalier Leather Zip Around Wallet 523667 R’s amazing quality. I am sure that this wallet

  3. Betty M. Thurman

    My name is Gucci Animalier, I am 21 years old and I have fallen in love with Gucci since my first contact with the brand. This bag was some of the best that I ever had. It was my starting point for a long time before I graduated high school and bought a new one for myself. After that bag finished its mission, one of my friends got me another one. This was what started the love affair with

  4. Robin W. Allsop

    I purchased this wallet for myself. I am very happy with it and have had very few problems with it. It is also fantastic quality, as far as I’m concerned. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come in a larger size, though Gucci receives credit for that given how well they handle that problem.

  5. Hannah J. Stinson

    Great product. I would have to say the best one I’ve ever used. The color of the leather and the way it is sewn together is perfect.

  6. Lillie N. Bridges

    My name is Jason. I’ve been using Gucci Animalier

  7. Laura C. Roark

    If you want to buy a good wallet then this is the one to go with. I don’t use it as an accessory, but when I can, as a complete wallet. It’s slim, light and comfortable. The leather is very soft and this wallet also come with lifetime guarantee from Gucci.

  8. Deloris W. Morales

    I love Gucci Animalier. I use it everyday, for date night. It’s very durable and strong for the physical abuse of a young woman who has not had her man since she was 15 years old.

  9. Susan T. Eaton

    I never purchased a Gucci wallet before but after a friend recommended me this one. I love it and I feel like I have bought the very best and most perfect wallet. The leather is beautiful and soft, the stitching is great, the color is perfect. It’s my favorite wallet to date.

  10. Hoa J. Perez

    I got this wallet as a wedding gift and needless to say it was super awesome. I’ve worn it countless times and I love that you can wear it on the go (I have mine strapped to my belt). The leather is nice quality and feels like you’re wearing a high end bag. It’s also lightweight so you don’t feel like your carrying anything at all.

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