Dior Latte Smooth Calfskin Parisienne Bag

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The inspiration for this bag is the timeless beauty of the Parisian city of love. The colors are inspired by the city’s streets and their taste for pastries, with a touch of sophistication. It’s never been so easy


Dior Latte Smooth Calfskin Parisienne Bag

Size:30.0 x 21.0 x 8.5 cm

Bag styles come and go as trends change, but one type of designer bag has been a go-to option for women across the globe for decades due to its timeless class and all-around functionality: The classic Christian Dior handbag. The functionality and practicality of a handbag are matched only by its ability to blend perfectly into any situation. You can wear a handbag to a luxurious night on the town, a professional board meeting, or something as simple as a casual get-together with friends. More importantly, a handbag can comfortably carry everything you need throughout your day without weighing you down or clashing with the outfit you spent hours trying to piece together. From cosmetics to your smartphone and cash, you’ll have ample room for everything.
Our assortment of Christian Dior handbags provides you with all of these benefits while also offering you unmatched beauty and luxury. They’re crafted from the finest fabrics and sewn by the most experienced manufacturers to ensure quality.
Our Christian Dior handbags also come in nearly every style imaginable; from the most luxurious and lavish designs to more neutral options that work well in professional environments. Regardless of your preferences, we have a Christian Dior handbag for you.



6 reviews for Dior Latte Smooth Calfskin Parisienne Bag

  1. Patricia C. Riddle

    I received the bag very quickly in the matter of just a few days. It’s beautifully made, with great quality and is incredible value for money as other bags are way out of my price range. I would love to see more bags like this available in high street stores and online!

  2. Louise J. Beech

    The bag is absolutely beautiful. The leather, the comfort, the workmanship and craftsmanship are impeccable. It is not just any bag….it is Dior Latte Smooth Calfskin Parisienne Bag! I was lucky enough to be able to hold one of the samples in my hands and to be able to see this beauty for myself too!

  3. Sandra E. Whitfield

    I purchased the Dior Latte Smooth Calfskin Parisienne Bag for myself, but I got it as a gift and I love it! The bag is absolutely gorgeous. It’s made of calfskin leather, which gives the bag a rich, luxurious feel. The bag is also a stunner! It has two beautiful gold-tone hardware straps with golden levers and buckles that can be adjusted at any angle on top of the bag

  4. Sabine J. Harrington

    The item itself is a great bag and I am sure it will last a long time, but I lied when I said that it holds enough to get me through the day. This is an example of the kind of product where the price tag will be a deterrent for some.

  5. Kristen K. Edwards

    I was in need of a bag for work, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. In combing through all the options on Amazon I found this one, and at first glance it looked too small for my needs. After reading the reviews I decided to make it my first purchase from Amazon. The quality is pretty good, and the leather feels nice. It’s also available in two different colors (black and white) which

  6. Kenneth N. Drake

    Dior Latte Smooth Calfskin Parisienne Bag was a great bag before. But it is now on top of the market with its updated design… And I am happy to have it, because it is a very nice bag to carry around with you.

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