Designer Tote Shopper Bag

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Designer Tote Shopper Bag

Size:34.0 x 24.0 x 15.0 cm

Mini bags are great, and all, but no bag has a better carrying capacity than a tote bag! And a tote bag that bears a designer logo is even more gorgeous. Purse Factory’s collection of Louis Vuitton tote bags are the quintessential representation of “practicality meets fashion.” They are tailor-made for an effortless boss lady elegance. Their larger-than-life-size makes them the versatile and trusted everyday bag.
Need a stylish laptop bag that reflects your style? A Louis Vuitton tote bag fits the bill. Want to throw in your makeup bag as well? No worries, a tote bag gets the memo. It can even pass for a traveling or weekend bag without the hassle of traveling luggage.
Sincerely, designer tote bags are all shades of amazing!Choose tote bags in different colors, structures, and textures. Our Louis Vuitton tote bags with roomy interiors and wide handles add visual appeal to a tailored blazer and a pair of jeans. Are you an advocate of sustainable fashion? Our eco-friendly options support your ideal while keeping you fashionable. Make a statement with classy black pieces that are far from regular. Shop Purse Factory’s Louis Vuitton tote bags for the ultimate bag experience.

8 reviews for Designer Tote Shopper Bag

  1. Shameka D. Beede

    We are a family of four that love to shop at Designer Tote Shopper Bag. We have used it for the last several years and it has given us endless shopping opportunities. It’s convenient, compact, light weight and versatile.

  2. Lori D. Backstrom

    I bought this bag to cover the cost of my trip and it worked out great through the whole process. I know that I can count on Designer Tote Shopper Bag because I like my products, so it’s a good product to use.

  3. Teresa B. Clement

    I’m a pretty graphics heavy-holic and constantly find myself wanting to make my designs or ideas more appealing. I bought this tutorial to learn how to draw my own unique design (which is something I’ve always wanted to do). The tutorials are well chosen and concise. I love that there’s a place for feedback on each tutorial, so you don’t have to buy the full thing just because it’s nice.

  4. Belinda A. Kinney

    I have been using this app for over a week, and I am hooked!

  5. Annie W. Hoffman

    It’s a smart, beautiful and useful bag. I love it!

  6. Amanda R. Lamb

    Designer Tote Shopper Bag is a truly innovative and beautiful product. I have tried so many bags before this one but all of them didn’t give me the kind of quality I was looking for. Designer Tote Shopper Bag is different, it’s a bag that you can use both with your clothes and your accessories. The quality is high which is what I was looking for in a bag, it looks great on my handbag and

  7. Linda R. Williams

    I really like the way the site works. It goes to show that you can`t just make a product and expect it to be a hit without actually trying it yourself. I was able to make a design for t in the “commercan style” and then put my own spin on it and make it look even better with just touch of personalization…

  8. Mary M. Messenger

    I really like the Tote Shopper Bag from Designer Tote Shopper Bag. It’s so helpful when you are shopping for a present for someone, and it keeps everything in order. It’s also nice to have it in my bag, just in case I need to checkout somewhere or go out on a date…

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