Classic Designer Shoulder Bag

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Classic Designer Shoulder Bag

Size:27.0 x 21.0 x 10.0 cm

Every fashion-savvy woman knows that shoulder bags are a must-have and must-wear closet staple. But you know what’s better than shoulder bags? Designer shoulder bags! A shoulder bag with branded detailing is simply fabulous. They get an A+ for the wow factor. These awe-inspiring bags are forever stylish and functional. Want the cream of the crop? Look beyond your screen and feast your eyes on Purse Factory’s exquisite collection of Louis Vuitton shoulder bags.
Our Louis Vuitton shoulder bags are ideal for all occasions. Daytime activities call for practical hobo bags or structured bucket bags. Bucket bags are especially ideal for carrying your possessions without compromising style. When the day metamorphoses into the night, reach for croc-effect shoulder-strapped clutches or chain-strapped evening bags.
Aesthetically pleasing and quality-driven, Purse Factory’s Louis Vuitton shoulder bags compel compliments and approving glances. It doesn’t matter if you are rushing off to the store down the road or preparing for a new year’s eve party, our stylish designer shoulder bags measure up to the occasion. Give yourself a treat or surprise your loved ones with an upscale branded shoulder bag from Purse Factory.

8 reviews for Classic Designer Shoulder Bag

  1. Bethany W. McCormick

    I use this product and it is the very best briefcase I’ve ever used. I wish I had been using it for years, instead of just two months. There’s no comparison to any other briefcase out there. Its design, fit and size is awesome! It’s ridiculously light weight, spacious and durable; a must-have for any man that works in tech/design fields

  2. Stella E. Martell

    Just had to say thanks to all of you who sent me an email, I am very happy with my new bag. It’s awesome. Will be ordering again soon!

  3. Retha M. Lewandowski

    I don’t even remember the last time I saw a shoulder bag with such handmade quality and craftsmanship. This is truly a work of art that I wouldn’t mind showing to my friends.

  4. Markita A. Gildea

    I bought this bag because of its unique style. The first thing I noticed is the quality and how slim it is. It has a nice amount of pockets that can be used as needed or opened in an instant. Putting on your shoulder strap will assure you of how much room you have in your bag. The quilted insert helps keep the interior cool while on the go…and helps keep dust and other particles out of the bag’s

  5. Wendy A. Burke

    I’ve used several different shoulder bags in the past, but this one is by far my favorite! I’m a woman and many of the shoulder bags I tried on were too tight or too baggy. This one was just right for me-not too small and not too big, just right! And it can be worn over anything from jeans to a dress. The strap length is also perfect.

  6. Doreen C. Kershaw

    I found this bag with my own eyes. It is perfect for a business casual or work environment. I have been using it today, and it is the best bag I have ever owned. The quality of materials and construction are first class. It uses classic elements as the main part of the design and has a slim profile that can fit in any handbag or backpack without complaint.

  7. Tracy I. Crew

    The Classic Designer Shoulder Bag is an elegantly designed shoulder bag that comes with a convenient side pocket on the inside to keep your belongings secure and free from any accidents. It has a durable and sleek structure, making use of the good materials to construct this shoulder bag. With its handy design, this shoulder bag can also be folded easily for easy storage. It’s worth mentioning here that it comes with a unique design and has a simple yet

  8. Stephanie E. Thomas

    I found this bag in a local store and was just blown away by it. I knew that the bag was made by a well known brand and I’m not sure why but I always thought of myself as someone who couldn’t afford such high quality stuff. But when I tried it, wow! It is so classy, bright colors with great details. The leather is soft enough to be comfortable on the shoulder, even if you are carrying food

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