Christian Dior Lady Dior 20CM Replica Bag

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The Christian Dior replica bag is made to replicate the iconic Lady Dior 20CM bag in a more affordable price. The front of the bag has a brown leather strap and gold-tone hardware. The interior is made of black color leather with a small mirror.


Christian Dior Lady Dior 20CM Replica Bag

Size:20.0 x 9.0 x 17.0 cm

Nothing defines a woman’s individual sense of style like a designer handbag. It is the glue that binds all the pieces of an ensemble together. You can get everything right, but if you get your handbag wrong, your whole outfit and style will take a huge blow. The good thing is, Purse Factory has got your bag in the designer handbag department. With our spectacular range of luxury handbags, your outfits will never look the same again!
Shopping for Christian Dior handbags is a personal adventure, and at Purse Factory, we know this too well. As such, we paid attention to individual needs and wants and created a highly – versatile collection. We offer a broad selection of the finest Christian Dior handbags ever to exist — in every color, style, print, pattern, fabric, design, and label. You will find the most beautiful and practical designer handbags from top-rated luxury designers worldwide.
Our Christian Dior handbag portfolio is as impressive as ever, from shoulder bags to cross-body bags to mini bags to satchels to hobo bags to clutches to totes. Plus, they rise to meet every occasion; sleek and sparkly clutches for dinners, tote bags for work, shoulder and cross-body bags for shopping sprees and errands, hobo bags for a trip to Paris, and satchels for a productive yet stylish day at school. Shop and discover premium Christian Dior handbags at Purse Factory.

9 reviews for Christian Dior Lady Dior 20CM Replica Bag

  1. Joanna D. Love

    I am a Christian Dior fan and I want to share my experience with the product. I bought it recently, and now I think that this is the best bag in the market. It is definitely worth buying! It is made of real leather and gives a lot of comfort for your shoulder.

  2. Mary C. Gipe

    The bag is great, but I would just like to warn you that it doesn’t fit me as well as other reviewers have. It fits quite snug. If you are a loose person this may not be the bag for you. For example, I am a 5’5″ and 140lb girl who wears a size 10 shoe and I was using this bag with the medium strap in hopes of getting a good fit, but the bag didn

  3. Laura K. Williamson

    For starters, I’d like to say how much I appreciate all that Christian Dior has done for me. My appreciation is not just limited to the quality of a product, but also the fact that he actively works with me whenever possible. Whether its an email or a phone call, he always makes sure that he becomes knowledgeable about my needs and keeps up with my requests and ideas. Sometimes it takes time for ideas to come around though and

  4. Lisa L. Norman

    I ordered the bag online. It was delivered to my house within a few days and I’m really satisfied with the quality. The bag is very nice and feels really nice and sturdy, so I was really pleased with it.

  5. Marla T. Miller

    I bought a main bag and 1 under the belt.

  6. Helen K. Giannone

    I bought the Christian Dior Lady Dior 20CM Replica Bag for my daughter’s birthday. My daughter really loved it and she gets compliments from everyone who sees her wearing it. The bag is even more beautiful in person.

  7. Sarah O. Friend

    I have nothing but the highest recommendations for Christian Dior Lady Dior 20CM Replica Bag. I have been using it since October 15th and it has been working wonders on my business, especially with my social media presence.

  8. Gail R. Walker

    I have been working with Christian Dior Lady Dior 20CM Replica Bag for their “pitch” which is the point of the story. The act of pitching a story, or a piece of content is pretty much what they call it and they get that in-the-trenches when I read it. That being said, it’s been a great experience being able to work with Christian and his team and working on pitches without

  9. Tiffany M. Alvarez

    I bought the Christian Dior Lady Dior 20CM Replica Bag because I was looking for a replica of Christian Dior’s iconic Women’s Couture bag and the price was right. It is my favorite piece in my wardrobe.

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