Christian Dior Lady Dior 17CM Replica Bag

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The iconic Dior Replica bag is made of Dior’s signature red and black lambskin with a patent leather trim. This stunning replica bag boasts the same structure and design as the original.


Christian Dior Lady Dior 17CM Replica Bag

Size:17.0 x 5.5 x 14.0 cm

As a timeless classic, Christian Dior handbags are a must-have part of any woman’s accessory collection. They’re medium-sized, instantly recognizable, and comfortable to carry while also being the focus of many fashion designers. This makes them the perfect all-around type of bag, and you can find them in nearly infinite patterns, colors, and styles.
Our Christian Dior bags are made to exude a sense of luxury and sophistication while maintaining the all-around functionality of traditional handbags. They’re made to not only match the current fashion trends but to set new standards for quality and excellence. Our trusted designers have poured every bit of their creativity and love for fashion into these luxurious handbags to create a product that stands out among the rest.
You can use our Christian Dior handbags for nearly anything. They’re perfect for carrying your daily essentials, cosmetics, and smartphone, and other smaller accessories without taking up as much room as a tote or hobo bag. More importantly, a good designer handbag will seamlessly match almost any occasion. Whether you’re going to the office, an after-work party, or a luxurious shopping spree, a designer handbag will look amazing.Every woman needs a luxurious Christian Dior handbag to compliment their outfit and carry their most necessary belongings. Browse our selection today.

6 reviews for Christian Dior Lady Dior 17CM Replica Bag

  1. Maria C. Sprouse

    This bag is beautiful and very well made. I wear it all the time, and I’m really happy with the quality of finishing, materials and workmanship. Enjoyed by people who love this brand on both sides of the Atlantic.

  2. Nadia T. Phillips

    What an amazing bag! I was not expecting it to be so sleek and modern, but after using it for the first time, I can see why this bag is so popular. It is perfect for everyday wear and will last a very long time. Would recommend!

  3. Maria L. Hood

    I am a big fan of Christian Dior and I own quite a few pieces from his menswear collection. I bought this bag because it is clearly very well made, but was also priced very close to the quality of the other bags in this range. It’s not that it does not look expensive or lavish, but it’s beautifully made and doesn’t feel cheap at all. Since buying my bag I’ve worn it to many social

  4. Leticia W. Barnes

    I think this bag is the first thing that can pull you out of the funk your in. It’s not really a purse, but it is a very good bag for me. I use my bag everywhere from work to school and it has kept my stuff organized and safe to carry around easily without being bulky.

  5. Lucienne G. Garay

    Well, I wanted to speak to you regarding your product. I’ve been using it two months now and I must say that it has indeed given me some great ideas and it is the only one that produces my content consistently, without any errors! Anyway, great product or not, you can buy this : )

  6. Rena L. Pedrick

    It is with great pleasure that we present our very first collection of New and Old Brand Collection in Japan, featuring exclusive designs by Christian Dior. Welcome to the luxury family!

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