Christian Dior Caro Double Calfskin Pouch

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This is the perfect size for a wallet, my camera and a lipstick. I love the softest leather with the most luxurious gold hardware and Dior’s signature jaguar.


Christian Dior Caro Double Calfskin Pouch

Size:19.0 x 10.5 x 5.0 cm

You will be hard-pressed to find designer handbags that combine timelessness, functionality, and style, like Purse Factory’s collection of luxury handbags. Treat yourself and your loved ones to bags that sizzle, dazzle, and sparkle. Our Christian Dior handbags have one job; to provide a stylish and comfy abode to all your essentials while making you the center of attention. Pep up your look and outfit with these chic and elegant hand accessories.
Nothing defines luxury like quality materials, fine detailing, and long-lasting style. We are glad to report that Purse Factory’s Christian Dior handbags meet all these standards and more. But you know what they say “a trial will convince you.” Select quilted leather with monochrome detailing for a sharp and classy look. Bid goodbye to fashion faux pax with convertible cross-body bags in any fine fabric of choice. Keep it sleek, simple, and practical with a grand mini bag that is red carpet-worthy.
Our collection is an aesthetic array of colors, prints, strictures, frames, and designs. Serpent-skin or croc-embossed bags? We’ve got you. Neutral shades or bold, vibrant hues? Say no more. Denim, canvas, all-types-of-leather, floral, nylon? Our collection satisfies all fabric specifications. We aim to please and delight, so shop Christian Dior handbags at Purse Factory for ultimate customer satisfaction.

15 reviews for Christian Dior Caro Double Calfskin Pouch

  1. Mary M. Claycomb

    This is one of the best brands out there. The product is awesome and the customer service is outstanding. I have been using this brand for years, and their customer service makes them stand out from a lot of people that I’ve used in the past.

  2. Artie F. Sandoval

    If you are looking for a designer’s bag or something with a special look and style, Dior Double Calfskin Pouch is the best choice. The brand of Dior has high prestige and status worldwide.

  3. Sarah W. Quintal

    The description of the Christian Dior Caro Double Calfskin Pouch is exactly what I expected, because it’s exactly what I received. The price is affordable and the quality of the product is high as promised.

  4. Angela J. Havard

    I bought my car to show it off, but also to make me feel better.

  5. Lisa F. Flores

    It’s a good product, much looking forward to the day I can use it.

  6. Vicki E. Maldonado

    I’ve been using this pouch for a year now, and I really like it. It’s very nice quality and I really love the color options.

  7. Carline D. Cole

    I was not able to find something daily wear with my heel, so I decided to make my own. After extensive research, I chose this product based on the popular double calfskin (DF) design and comfort. The result is a very decent and solid pair of shoes that gives a great feeling for long time. When you expect this shoe, but still not satisfied, then you just need to try it out once more!

  8. Joanne G. Gilliam

    I buy it and wear it every day. I want to thank Christian Dior Caro Double Calfskin Pouch because it has been a long time since I have bought something in the store that is made to last as long as this one. The quality of materials used, like the leather and hardware, is top notch. As a result, my Leatherman-type Multi-Tool has become much more useful to me than when I

  9. Andrea J. Stevens

    This is probably the best product I’ve ever used. It’s great quality, delicate in construction and built to last. I love that it can hold all of my essentials while still being compact enough to pack away and travel with when I go out on a work trip or simply need to organize my luggage when going home for a short stay.

  10. Michelle J. Weise

    This is an amazing and very useful product.

  11. Linda C. Hix

    I would like to express my gratitude for designing an amazing and beautiful bag. I’m very impressed with the quality of the leather and its craftsmanship. I can’t wait to get the bag because it is spectacular! Thank you Christian Dior Caro Double Calfskin Pouch team for such a great product.

  12. Courtney A. Pardo

    I just bought this pouch for Christmas gifts. It’s a beautiful piece of leather and it’s beautiful quality. I got it for my boyfriend and he loves it. And I will definitely be buying more pieces from him in the future 🙂

  13. Janice R. Pierce

    I only recently started using this product and I am delighted with it. I have been using it a few weeks, so far so good.

  14. Sharice M. Matney

    I love the design & color of this bag. It’s great for shopping in the market (and shoes). It’s pretty durable & I’ve been using it for almost two years now. The only thing I could say is that it’s a bit too narrow as on my back & shoulders, but everything seems fine on my body.

  15. Elizabeth E. Hicks

    This is the best wallet I have ever owned. It is elegant, classy, and very sturdy. It does not look like a cheap knock-off of an expensive wallet. The leather feels luxurious and it holds a lot of cards without bending or feeling bulky.

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