Christian Dior Caro Double Calfskin Pouch

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Christian Dior Caro Double Calfskin Pouch (White)


Christian Dior Caro Double Calfskin Pouch

Size:19.0 x 10.5 x 5.0 cm

Bag styles come and go as trends change, but one type of designer bag has been a go-to option for women across the globe for decades due to its timeless class and all-around functionality: The classic Christian Dior handbag. The functionality and practicality of a handbag are matched only by its ability to blend perfectly into any situation. You can wear a handbag to a luxurious night on the town, a professional board meeting, or something as simple as a casual get-together with friends. More importantly, a handbag can comfortably carry everything you need throughout your day without weighing you down or clashing with the outfit you spent hours trying to piece together. From cosmetics to your smartphone and cash, you’ll have ample room for everything.
Our assortment of Christian Dior handbags provides you with all of these benefits while also offering you unmatched beauty and luxury. They’re crafted from the finest fabrics and sewn by the most experienced manufacturers to ensure quality.
Our Christian Dior handbags also come in nearly every style imaginable; from the most luxurious and lavish designs to more neutral options that work well in professional environments. Regardless of your preferences, we have a Christian Dior handbag for you.

5 reviews for Christian Dior Caro Double Calfskin Pouch

  1. Bessie J. Johnson

    I LOVE my Christian Dior caro double calfskin pouch! I have had it for over a year now and use it for everything. It fits all my cards, my phone, and even holds a book in the front pocket. Even after all this time of constant use I still get compliments on it.

  2. Doris P. Mendoza

    I’ve been using this bag for a little over 2 months now, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it can easily fit three of my iPhone 6S+S, with a slimmed down case that is not only very comfortable, but also protects the phone from daily wear and tear. The design of the bag is simple yet very functional. My favorite part about this particular back pocket bag is that it has double side pockets on either

  3. Deborah W. Goodwin

    I was looking for a new backpack, and I came across this bag from Christian Dior Caro. I have posted a review on that site which is linked below.

  4. Rita B. Patridge

    I was looking for a good bag to take my accessories when using them. I found the right bag in Christian Dior Caro Double Calfskin Pouch. It is really cute and comfortable to wear. This bag is exactly as described in the product description, with beautiful colors and branding on it. There are two compartments inside which can fit my wallet, smartphone, money and other essential items like a pair of glasses or an umbrella

  5. Amy G. Romero

    It’s a great bag! I’m sure I’ll use it again, and I don’t care how heavy it is. It’s made of the finest materials and is sturdy to the point where you will be able to stand on it, put your stuff down and not worry about how heavy your stuff is.

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