Celine Small Besace 16 Cowhide Replica Saddle Bag

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This Celine small besace replica is hand-numbered and 100% authentic. This bag is the perfect match for your day to day needs.


Celine Small Besace 16 Cowhide Replica Saddle Bag

Size:18.5 x 14.0 x 6.0 cm

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11 reviews for Celine Small Besace 16 Cowhide Replica Saddle Bag

  1. Sharon J. Evans

    I used this book for around two years. This book is a very good book for anyone who wants to learn business and make a success with his future career. I highly recommend this book.

  2. Maria S. Williams

    I love the bag. I bought it as a gift for my son and he loves it too. It is a perfect size and very nice quality, so I am going to buy one for me now, too!

  3. Corey L. Bowie

    What I like the most about Celine’s bags is the soft touch leather and supple suede. It feels so good in your hand and this is one of my favorite features. The bag is well made, and of course it has 16 pockets on a cowhide inside which is perfect for keeping all your phone chargers, ipod cases and other small things. This also comes with a removable dog tag holder which makes it easy to

  4. Vera J. Marek

    Cowhide Replica is a great supplier and sells the highest quality leather! I love their products! The service is great and easy to navigate, it’s easy to find the right product. I love how you can design your own bag, so different each time. The only thing that could improve it is customer support (especially customer service). It would be great if they would respond faster to questions.

  5. Michal R. Denson

    The review is based on the fact that I am a professional rider, and the bag is really good at keeping my stuff organized. In the past, I have tried other bags for this purpose. But none of them have worked as well as this one.

  6. Megan M. Acosta

    I’m a Fan of Celine. My husband and I started our first horse show at 14, so I’m going on 47 years old now. We’ve taken numerous horses and riders to the showring, including Celine’s children, with no problem. She has done it all…and she does it gracefully!

  7. Erin R. Cooper

    I purchased an expensive saddle from Celine Small Besace 16 Cowhide Replica Saddle Bag last year. After one day of riding this beautiful, high-quality saddle, I decided to get a different one for myself.

  8. Christina H. Edwards

    I just love this bag. It will be used in my daily lifestyle. I like the way it looks, it is very comfortable and the quality is great.

  9. Cora R. Rogers

    I decided to buy this bag as my current one is getting a bit small. I love everything about the design and the quality of it. It has all the essentials I need and don’t want to carry around with me constantly. I’m so glad that I bought this bag, just like how everything else in my life were originally designed because they are perfect for me!

  10. Barbara J. Uselton

    This is the best bag I have tried and I use it for everything from afghans to beach bags. It’s incredibly comfortable because of its supple cowhide leather and a two section interior with a zipper and plenty of space for all my computer gear, clothes, personal items, etc. The detachable crossbody strap makes it easy to carry around on days when you don’t want to haul around a purse or your camera/phone

  11. Malissa T. Parker

    Celine Small Besace 16 Cowhide Replica Saddle Bag is the perfect place to store your valuable belongings, such as laptop, work papers, etc. It has a good price for the quality of its product and also it comes in a very good color/pattern. I would recommend Celine Small Besace 16 Cowhide Replica Saddle Bag to all people who love their work and need an easy way to put their essential belongings

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