Balenciaga Crocodile Embossed Box Replica Shoulder Bag

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Get the Balenciaga Crocodile Embossed Box Replica Shoulder Bag and be walking on the red carpet anytime. Inspired by the most powerful women in the world, this iconic handbag features luxurious crocodile embossed leather and a roomy interior space.


Balenciaga Crocodile Embossed Box Replica Shoulder Bag

Size:18.0 x 9.0 x 14.0 cm

Bag styles come and go as trends change, but one type of designer bag has been a go-to option for women across the globe for decades due to its timeless class and all-around functionality: The classic Balenciaga handbag. The functionality and practicality of a handbag are matched only by its ability to blend perfectly into any situation. You can wear a handbag to a luxurious night on the town, a professional board meeting, or something as simple as a casual get-together with friends. More importantly, a handbag can comfortably carry everything you need throughout your day without weighing you down or clashing with the outfit you spent hours trying to piece together. From cosmetics to your smartphone and cash, you’ll have ample room for everything.
Our assortment of Balenciaga handbags provides you with all of these benefits while also offering you unmatched beauty and luxury. They’re crafted from the finest fabrics and sewn by the most experienced manufacturers to ensure quality.
Our Balenciaga handbags also come in nearly every style imaginable; from the most luxurious and lavish designs to more neutral options that work well in professional environments. Regardless of your preferences, we have a Balenciaga handbag for you.

9 reviews for Balenciaga Crocodile Embossed Box Replica Shoulder Bag

  1. Dulce S. Rimmer

    When I wear it to the court, I feel like a real basketball player. The material is outstanding. It’s also pretty comfortable and looks amazing. The only thing is that the leather on top feels a bit rough when you first put it on… but after a while they will get used to that and then they’ll be fine with it.

  2. Sally J. Young

    I have bought this for a long time. It’s a very good product and the service is really amazing. Moreover, I like the quality of the bag!

  3. Mary R. Vanhoose

    I bought this bag for my son for his birthday, and he has been using it daily. Holding it to his shoulder helps him focus, and the crocodile print makes it look extremely unique. The crocodile print is also a great color for all of our Italian clothing!

  4. Lynn C. Lewis

    Absolutely LOVE Balenciaga replica bags. I’ve used a few of them, and they are the most comfortable bags I’ve ever had on my shoulder. My only complaint is that the stitching looks a little rough (and it’s plastic), but other than that, I’d buy another one in a heart beat!!

  5. Elizabeth J. Ritter

    This is a L-shape bag with an embossed crocodile printed on the front and back. Can be worn as a crossbody bag, shoulder bag or clutch. The material is shiny, sturdy and comfortable to wear. On the lining, you’ll find a zip pocket within which is lined with cotton lining so this can be used as a wallet or daybag. The size is advised to fit laptop or small tablet (not all

  6. Madeline J. Burkett

    I usually buy replica bags all the time, but this Balenciaga Crocodile Embossed Box Replica Shoulder is pretty hard to find. It’s high-quality looking and I love how it feels.

  7. Teresa J. Freeborn

    It was a gift for my wife, who said it was great!

  8. Kathleen J. Talavera

    I bought this bag last year and i’m so happy with it. I love the way it looks and that it is lightweight. The inside is a little small but overall great luggage.

  9. Lois R. Perry

    I got Balenciaga Crocodile Embossed Box Replica Shoulder from a new friend as a gift and I have to say, this should be in everyone’s collection. The bag is beautiful and has a real crocodile pattern that takes me back to my childhood (I was born in Italy) and the quality of the bags are great. This is not just another replica with scratches, but one of the best replicas

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